Experts in Healthcare

KKM’s multidisciplinary group of healthcare professional consultants offer the following:

Business Development
& Planning

Develop a business model

Coordinate outside services for legal, accounting, billing

Assess and validate volume and reimbursement data

Identify and evaluate operations, workflow, and patient flow

Define staffing and training requirements

Perform a market assessment

Offer decision support

Financial Solutions &
Strategic Planning

Identify and secure investment equity

Identify and secure debt funding sources

Provide joint-venture partnership opportunities

Develop and implement a marketing plan

Compile a competitive profiling report

Develop a brand Identity

Development Solutions

Design and/or construct a patient-centric delivery model

Select and price-negotiate equipment acquisition

Provide project management


Operations & Management​

Find and hire medical staffing

Facilitate payor contracting

Implement policies and procedures

Deliver clinical support and oversight

Provide ongoing management services

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