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Ascension Hospitals

A national not-for-profit health system
with over 145 hospitals within 20 states.

Revenue Generation Opportunities:

  • More in-system referrals
  • Coordination of services in the system
  • Better utilization of resources

The Opportunity:

Improve coordination of care for cancer patients and increase in-system referrals

Ascension asked KKM to evaluate its oncology service line and make recommendations to improve the integration of care and coordination of providers in order to align services and reduce referrals outside of the system.

The Outcome:

Creation of a state-wide integration of services

KKM recommendations included a comprehensive, state-wide program that integrates clinical, operational, and financial functions through a series of joint-ventured companies to address diverse needs by effectively utilizing resources across geographic areas.

These services will be managed at a state-wide level, but with local autonomy to implement programs specific to individual community needs. Local initiatives may include real estate assets, equipment, staffing, and execution of efficiency and quality programs.  

The state-wide program will be responsible for: 
  • Vision, purpose and goals
  • Leadership structures, governance, and culture
  • Provider engagement, alignment and morale
  • Comprehensive programs beyond the local scope

KKM is currently involved in the implementation of this multi-year, strategic plan designed to support Ascension in its dedication to deliver compassionate personalized care for all – especially those most in need.

MVP Vascular Center

A state-of-the-art, outpatient vascular center located in Dearborn, Michigan.

Benefits of Project Completion

  • Providing better care in a more
    comfortable environment
  • Increased revenues from owning facility
  • Efficiencies in delivering care
  • Cost-effective utilization of equipment
  • Optimization of physicians’ time

The opportunity: 

Building an office-based vascular lab to increase revenue and independence

MVP came to KKM looking for a turnkey solution to their vision of creating a 4,600 sq. ft. standalone office-based peripheral vascular catheterization lab. KKM created a strategy which incorporated all development functions including equipment selection, financing, and construction support.

The outcome:

Office-based vascular catheterization lab completed

KKM worked closely with MVP to bring their project to fruition with a comprehensive program that maintained MVP’s focus on excellence in every aspect. Once the center was opened, KKM continued to provide oversight and support for MVP on payor contracting, patient accounting and collections, and overall efficiency.  The physicians continue to own the facility and lease from the property manager.

Atlantic Vascular Center station

Atlantic Vascular Center

A high-performing outpatient vascular center located in Raritan, New Jersey.


Benefits of project completion:

  • Increasing revenues through office-based treatments
  • Retaining autonomy of own practice
  • Sharing costs of operation and staffing
  • Controlling quality of patient care
  • Optimizing use of equipment

The Opportunity:

Independent physicians looking to create a vascular treatment center

Several independent physician practices approached KKM with an idea to develop their own vascular treatment center without having to form a single group practice. KKM outlined several options including one that involved aligning with a hospital who could offer support for their program.  

The Outcome:

Physician-hospital alignment 

KKM engaged with Atlantic Health System to develop a unique program which aligned the hospital and the physician practices into a single program offering flexibility for all.

Our solution included the development of a 5,500 sq.ft. medical office that operates as a satellite location for each practice.  The hospital system provides day-to-day management, as well as staffing for the operation, while the physicians continue to operate the facility as an office-based practice dedicated to each practice’s patients. KKM provided a full, turnkey solution to Atlantic including equipment and design planning, supply chain management, and coordination of patient billing for each physician practice.

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