Helping hospitals envision new opportunities to increase capacity and profitability.

The unprecedented changes in the healthcare environment challenge hospitals in new ways every day, straining your ability to handle capacity needs and rising costs.

At KKM, our track record with improving the efficiency of hospitals and our thorough understanding of the medical landscape, enables us to recognize the key factors that can be optimized to increase profits and improve patient outcomes.  KKM can also help you initiate physician partnerships in new ways that benefit both your facility and the physicians who work with you.

KKM has years of experience in the industry.  We can help you with everything from business planning, coordination of regulatory requirements, project scheduling and management, and equipment acquisition, to organizational set-up, staffing and training. We can manage your hospital growth, giving you the time to concentrate on patient care.

KKM Physicans Development
Facility projects we have developed:
KKM can assist with:

  • Service Line Strategies
  • Physician Alignment Models
  • Business Plan Development and Validation
  • Capital Market Strategy and Execution
  • Debt and Equity Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Equipment Acquisition
  • Operationalizing
  • IT Integration