In an effort to support our clients, communities and healthcare providers, KKM is using its experience and resources to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, the KKM team is focused on providing the Federal Government, States and Healthcare providers with much needed ventilators, PPE and masks. If you require such items please call our COVID-19 support line at
313-437-7965. We stand by our healthcare providers to support them in this battle to save lives while keeping them safe.

About Us

At KKM Global Group we are passionate about creating healthcare access for all, through the development of sustainable delivery solutions and innovative technology.

Our mission is to develop market leaders in healthcare by promoting sustainable operations, driven by quality, excellence, innovation and practical solutions.

KKM is committed to making a positive impact by delivering high quality, cost effective and efficient solutions for the healthcare providers, payers and more importantly the patients…. Affordable Healthcare with Better Outcomes and a Higher Quality of Life,